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Iteracare Terahertz Device
3 Types of Iteracare Device

Is Iteracare Device Safe? Scientific explanation about safety of use.

What is an Iteracare Terahertz?

Top 10 Benefits of using Iteracare Device

1. Regulates internal organs and the immune system
2. Removes harmful cells
3. Activates cells to promote self-healing
4. Clears Meridians and Lymph
5. Activates and stimulates nerve endings
6. Endocrine gland regulation
7. Removes excess body water – aids in weight loss
8. Removes toxins and harmful substances from the body
9. Yin/Yang energy is replenished to the body
10. Aids in the repair of damaged cells and tissues


Iteracare USA Promo 2022

Iteracare Promotion USA
Iteracare USA Promotion

Buy 2 Units for $500.00. Saving you $200 if you buy two units. Please read the fine print. Promo is valid till stocks last. Promo starts 24 November 2022, ongoing.


3 Types of Iteracare Device

Iteracare Premium

Iteracare Premium
This is a 5th Generation Model, released in June 2022. It has 650 watts, is more durable than the Classic model, and is said to be quieter than the other two models. It also has a longer lifespan. It comes in a hard protective case that is well-padded and has external locks. It has a cool down mode that prevents you from turning it back on after each use for five minutes. Low Speed and Low Heat are the two options. Extreme heat and velocity. The heat settings on the Classic are significantly higher.

* Voltage: 110V/220V
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Power: 650W
* Speed: 2 Modes
* Model: 5th Generation
* Safety Case included
* Ideal for small spa/clinic

Iteracare Classic

Iteracare Classic
This is a 4th Generation Model, released in 2021, that is 800 watts, built more affordably to allow access into more households at a lower price point, is still just as effective but not as robustly constructed, requires a little more time for treatments, and will shut off after an hour of use to cool down.
There are two options: low heat and low speed. Extreme heat and speed at high speeds.

* Voltage: 110V/220V
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Power: 800W
* Speed: 3 Modes
* Model: 4th Generation
* Ideal for family usage

Iteracare Pro - iteracaredevice.shop

Iteracare Pro
This is a 3rd Generation Model that was released in 2019 and has a power output of 1200 watts. It is designed for continuous use in a variety of applications (such as clinical settings, large families, or outreach), requires less time for treatments due to the higher power, produces results much faster, is quieter than the Classic, and is packaged in a hard protective case.
There are four options: low heat, low speed, high speed, and high heat. Low heat, fast movement High heat and rapid movement Very Slow, No Heat.

* Voltage: 110V/220V
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Power: 1200W
* Speed: 4 Modes
* Model: 4th Generation
* Safety Case included
* Ideal for big sports team or
busy therapy clinic



Iteracare US Promo

Iteracare Christmas Promo
Iteracare USA Christmas Promo 2022

Iteracare UK Promo

Iteracare UK Promo
Iteracare UK Christmas Promo 2022

Iteracare EU Promo

Iteracare EU Promo
Iteracare EU Christmas Promo 2022

Iteracare Company Profile

Prife International is the sole global distributor of the Iteracare device. Prife International’s headquarters are located at Block A-GR-2 Menara Uncang Emas, No. 85 Jalan Loke Yew, Cheras 55200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prife International has grown rapidly, with country offices opening in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Poland. There are now 22 stockists in the country and 24 in the United States.

Prife International was established in June 2021 and its products are deeply loved by the public. Today, the business has successfully expanded to over 30 countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, India, Indonesia, Middle East etc. and its turnover has soared by nearly 200%. Board of Directors Group President Dr. Steven Lai, Group Vice President Dr. Jimmy Chong and Group General Manager Kacy Tan, founded Prife International, taking the society and using it to provide entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

Prife International’s corporate vision is to expand to over a hundred international markets by 2023. We will create opportunities for anyone who can inspire others to start businesses abroad and advance the cause of good health on a global scale.

We want to facilitate bringing these fantastic Iteracare Terahertz devices into every home. Terahertz Frequency, Quantum Technology, and Quartz Light Technology are all combined in one device. It is a Chinese technology that has been patented.

3 types of Iteracare devices and their prices in the United States:
1. Iteracare Classic ($350)
2. Iteracare Premium ($1050.00)
3. Iteracare Pro ($3500)

Terahertz Technology is one of the top component of Iteracare device. Terahertz Wave Energy is combined with Scalar Wave and Optical Quartz technology in the iTera Care device. Terahertz Wave Energy has the same frequency as normal human cells and generates millions of vibrations per second while activating healthy and dormant cells and eliminating unhealthy cells and free radicals. Scalar Wave Energy energizes cells, balances bodily systems, fortifies the body, generates healing energy, and penetrates deeper into vital organs. The energy of the device is amplified by optical quartz, resulting in a more powerful result (mimics 1/40 of the UV energy of sunlight). This strengthens the body’s life force fields.

Terahertz (THz) waves exist in the electromagnetic spectrum between the microwave and infrared bands. The use of THz technology in biomedical applications has shown promise. THz wave biological effects research has emerged as a significant new area of study in the life sciences. Understanding how THz waves interact with complex biological systems is critical for the advancement of THz technology and future applications. This review focuses on the biological effects and mechanisms of THz waves on the nervous system at the organismal, cellular, and molecular levels.

1. Read all instructions carefully before use.
2. This device is not intended to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the device by a person responsible for their safety.
3. Handle with care. This device is fitted with a crystal glass tube, please avoid knocking or dropping the device. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.
4. Do not use the device outdoors. This device is intended for household use only. Do not use the device for anything other than its intended use.
5. Do not switch on the device if it appears to be faulty in any way. Please contact and send to a nearby service center.
6. Remove all metal accessories before use. Remove contact lenses before using on the face.
7. Do not blow on specific parts of the body without movement for more than 3 seconds to avoid skin burn.
8. Do not block the air inlet and outlet to prevent overheating.
9. Do not use the device for too long. This device is fitted with an automatic switch-off thermal link to protect the motor from overheating. The device will automatically reconnect after the motor cools down.
10. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plugs, device body in water or other liquids.
11. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons.
12. Never leave the device unattended when it is switched on. Unplug when the device is not in use.

International Disclaimer
The iTeraCare device is approved as household electrical equipment. It has received a “safe to use” certification. It is marked for international distribution and doesn’t emit any harmful radiation.
The maker of the iTeraCare blower does not offer any medical advice, nor is it a piece of medical equipment. Users are aware that the tool is not meant to be used as a medical device or for relied-upon diagnostic purposes. Its use is not meant to take the place of professional medical guidance or treatment. The iTeraCare blower’s users understand that doing so is at their own risk.
Always seek the advice of your doctor or another healthcare provider if you have any concerns about a medical condition or want specific guidance on how to use the iTeraCare blower, nutrition, or physical activity.


International Iteracare Pricing